If your child is absent please call school and request that work be sent home. You can also send a note with a sibling. Students are usually given one day for each day missed to complete assignments.  Students who do not complete make-up work on time will complete work at recess and will receive a lower score.  Please remember that make-up work might also include any work that was completed/read together in class as well as independent work.

Birthday treats are welcome. You can send the treat with your child or drop it off in the office for us. Due to allergies please do not send items containing peanuts or peanut butter.

Book Tests
Students should take book tests over their Library books each week.  As part of their Reading grade, students will need 10 book points per month.  (Passing score 70% or higher).  Required book tests will start in September.
Class Points 
Students will work together to earn class points. Class points can be used to earn a treat for everyone such as an extra recess, class party, etc. Every 100 points earns a treat.
*Taught through guided reading groups and whole group instruction

Communication Arts
*Taught though traditional skills (grammar and mechanics) and Writing Workshop (focus on the writing process and types of writing)
*Use of Go Math! and hands-on activities

Social Studies & Science
*Use of the Fourth grade textbook and hands-on activities

Classroom Expectations

  1. Listen while others are speaking.
  2. Be safe, be kind, and be honest.
  3. Follow directions quickly.
  4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  5. Raise your hand to speak.
  6. Respect others, respect yourself, and respect our school.


Our discipline system will be a leveled system.  Students are expected to behave in an appropriate way that does not stop other students from learning.  Appropriate behavior is expected not only in the classroom but in all parts of the building.  Consistent behavior problems will result in the student being separated from the group, loss of recess, parent notification, or an office visit.
This leveled system also allows students a chance to correct their behavior and work towards having a more positive day.  Students who continue to make poor choices will lose recess time.  Parent contact will be made as needed.  Severe behavior issues will be referred to the office.
I know how busy schedules can be for families when school is out at the end of the day. It 
is my goal that assignments are completed at school whenever possible. We will work hard on many different subjects during the day. Students will have study time built into each subject and an additional study time during the day. Work not completed at school will need to be taken home and returned the following day.   In addition to classroom work, students should read at least 20 minutes at home each night (this can include their reading assignment and/or Library books).
It is a good idea for students to keep their Library books in their book bag each day.  Students will have time to read in class each day.  Students should read each night to stay caught up with book points. 

Moby Max
Students will use Moby Max throughout the day to increase their reading, math, and other academic skills. Each student will have their own username and password that will be sent home at a later date.  At home practice is not required, but encouraged.  Moby Max is a great way to help students improve/reinforce skills they are struggling with 

Please send money to school in an envelope labeled with your child's name. You can include money for all of your children in one envelope but be sure to label the envelope with all of the names and amounts.

Assignments will be written on the board each day and students will be responsible for writing these in their planner each day.  We will spend a few weeks learning this routine as a class.  When students complete the assignment, they should “check it off” in their planner.  This is a great way to communicate if they have unfinished work to complete at home. Please take a moment to initial that you have seen the planner each night.  Students that have their planner signed each night will work towards an incentive.  Planners will be checked every morning.  Please sign only one day at a time. 


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